Will your potential clients manage to find you?

Are you attracting the right target audiences to your business?

There is no other way, each business has its own strategy for success.

Marketing ideas are great - we make sure they are implemented!

True, you can always wait with the marketing for another month, except your competition is not waiting around...

The path to high ROI marketing includes the following must-have aspects:

  • A vast infrastructure with a unique sales proposition and differentiation from competitors to specific target audiences.
  • A network of connections, including high-quality collaborations.
  • A strong and positive internet & social media presence.
  • An impressive business appearance: from letterhead to your tie.
  • Creating a positive customer experience for your clients.

In the unique “The Kineret BDC 5” method all the above aspects are included and are implemented in a focused and guided process leading up towards business success.

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Marketing for Tourism

Marketing strategy for tourism businesses, hotels, and tourist attractions utilizing the social media, Tripadvisor and more

Networking Consultation

The way to create an active business network that generates high quality leads

Marketing in Social Networks

Building a vast keyword-based network based on google searches for a positive presence that leads to client retention and outreach to new potential clients

The Kineret BDC 5

The unique 5-step method that was created especially for businesses and companies that wish to create a long lasting and stable marketing infrastructure

Marketing-Focused Business Development

Business development that is focused on marketing to reach your target audiences, wherever they are…

Marketing Strategy

Building a marketing plan that has a special focus on your unique sales proposition, differentiation, and creativity to create results with a high ROI

Kineret is your one-stop-shop for all your “starting a business” needs. Kineret is also great for ongoing businesses who want to get more exposure, more profits, target potential clients better, etc. With a huge network of connections from all around the globe she can really help jump start or push your business forward.

Tamir Leo Konortov

I’ve reached Kineret (by recommendation) after having a baby and with a single year of experience as a freelancer, thanks to her business guidance I’ve built my business brick-by-brick slowly and properly, I understood my target audiences, set goals and attained them. Kineret is an expert in social media networks and she exposed me to the great marketing potential of that social world with unwavering patience.

Hadas Cohen-Shkory, Studio Fundesign

Kineret has her ways of motivating you to think and act for the benefit of your business. With her knowledge and care you will immediately respond and start thinking out of the box, recommended with a lot of love!

Anis Kadis, Stwodio

Kineret’s expertise in social media for growing a business, as well as her business coaching expanded my tourism business and continues to prove effective. I highly recommend Kineret for business coaching, marketing expertise, and social media savvy.

Judith Isaacson, Drive Israel

Kineret, also known as “Kineret the Business Connection Center” is a marketing woman, business developer, and phenomenal networking expert in general, and specifically in social media network, especially Facebook, and she guides and consults my law firm. Thanks to her efforts our office got an amazing lift up within months, and we’re just starting out. For all of this I say “Thank you” and more, sending my warmest recommendation!

Attorney at Law, Yariv Kedem

Creating a social media group for the Israel Tour Guide Association could not have been done without the close support of Kineret. Thanks to Kineret and the BDC staff we got a grip on this important tool for marketing, promotion and view sharing among members of the association.

Yoni Shapira

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