Business Branding

With a Beer at the Local Pub

In the modern world filled with competition and daily innovations, changes sometimes happen on an hourly basis.  There’s an expectation that every business owner – big or small – will keep up and be familiar with those changes.  The customer wants to know that, at any moment, his supplier will recognize what’s best for him and do everything necessary without any effort on his part.

Given the vast number of businesses, service is of top value today – sometimes even more so than price. Service determines whether the customer will choose one business or another, and will sometimes even be willing to pay more.  Knowing that a trustworthy professional is at your disposal, and can provide solutions in a nice, safe way, will bring a transaction to us instead of our colleagues.

We designate ourselves as excellent service providers, but so do our colleagues.  For that reason, it’s important to create a unique concept on the basis of which our potential clients will come to us, so that the bond will be correct and focused.  When you get pleasure and satisfaction from working with a customer, the outcome is good, and the satisfied customer will bring other clients along with him.

Our uniqueness can stand out in different ways.  It is important to brand ourselves so that we’ll “attract” the right clients for both parties.  And how do we do that? The preliminary activity that it is important to do before building a unique concept is defining the target population, breaking it down and understanding its needs.

Here’s an example to illustrate the subject: There is a family & divorce attorney who lives in Tel Aviv.  Based on statistics, Tel Aviv currently has the highest divorce rate.  It sounds simple and easy for this lawyer, because the assumption is that he has a lot of work.  But is that really so? Today, a good lawyer isn’t found in the Yellow Pages or on the internet, but generally through family and friends.  For that reason, it’s important to have exposure to as many contact people as possible, in order to be in the thoughts – and mobile phone – of whoever hears of an acquaintance going through a divorce.

Divorce happens at a relatively young age in Tel Aviv and so, the advise if for ages 30-40 to be this lawyer’s target population.  We have to examine where this target audience can be found and when. Here is one possibility: Someone thinking about getting a divorce will be taken to the local pub by his friends for a beer to forget about reality for a bit, and if the Family Law Attorney is sitting right next to him, he could lend an ear and give some good advice, and maybe he could also guide the potential divorcee through the process.

If the lawyer wants to brand himself as a friend in a time of need for divorcees, this is one way for him to find clients.  He may say, “But I am a respected attorney! I don’t sit in bars to find clients.”  It’s possible that one lawyer, this type of marketing won’t work, but for others it might.  To each his own way.

I will repeat myself and again emphasize: It is very important to define the target population my service will fit best – the population and its needs…even if one of those needs is a glass of beer at the local watering whole to forget the day’s troubles.

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