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Private Tutoring

In today’s internet world, there are many ways to promote a business.  Sometimes it feels like a new social / business network comes out each day with different requirements and goals that enable you to expose one aspect or another of your business. Moreover, the speed at which existing networks change is incredible. And this is combined with other marketing tasks.  And so, despite knowing that this activity is necessary, the burden is just too great and there’s often a tendency to put this work to the side or do it minimally with few, if any, results.

In the same way, it may be that understanding where to find the desired target audience is what you’re missing – so that you can invest the necessary time and energy on this issue.

The opportunities for business owners to reach their target audience are not only possible through the internet, but also the cheapest and most effective way.

There are dozens of services and application options that assist businesses in the local and international markets.

We will happily introduce you to free websites on which you can add your business to increase its virality.  We can also teach you about relevant social media networks for your business: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Private tutoring takes place, first and foremost, to chart out the most suitable path for a business’ needs, knowledge level and progress using practice exercises during the meetings.  Throughout the learning process, assignments and follow up are given for in-between the meetings to ensure that the material is viable and implemented correctly.

One of the work emphases is examining how consumers find information about the business on the internet.  It is very important to understand what the clients say, and how to follow and react to what is said.

Private Tutoring (one-on-one) offers solutions for:

  • Someone for whom the group learning speed is too fast or too slow, and does not want to be dependent on the progress of others taking the workshop / course offered;
  • Someone interested in getting directed information tailored to their business needs based on branding and character;
  • Someone coming with a specific, focused goal;
  • Someone who wants personal attention suited to their own needs.

Private tutoring can be the continuation of group learning.  After the initial instruction and having received a foundation and tools for managing social media, you can go more in-depth to build the concept for your business.  This is done after you’ve checked which of the social networks are best for generating activity.

BDC SMO Private Tutoring is structured to provide solutions for both those interested in participating in a group and then continuing with private instruction, and also as a private course for two heads and twenty fingers working on a keyboard at the correct pace for that business.  The big advantage of private tutoring is its adaptation to the specific field and profession, and the choice of social networks that best match market activity to get the desired results, optimizing the business’ positive presence and building a platform for quality referrals.

Tutoring takes place in our office using state-of-the-art equipment and wireless internet.  There’s no need to bring a personal computer, and of course, the coffee is on us!

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