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The lectures and workshops fit business owners at any stage they may be in their business, from businesses just starting out, freelancers, to small and medium sized businesses already in operation.

The purpose of the lectures is to promote and develop the business thinking to new directions coupled with guidance to a more thorough understanding of target audiences, as well as matching the business to client needs and building a long-lasting stable infrastructure for the business.

The Evolution of the Business

The lecture will cover, with the audience’s participation, the evolutional stages of the business. Starting from the business foundations (definition & study of target audiences, building products), to marketing strategies, building a business website and marketing it online and finally – utilizing social networks.

The participants can examine themselves in each one of the stages and access where their business is at and what gaps they must fill.
In each stage recommendations and “Do-s & Don’t-s” lists will be provided for better long-term development of the business.

Definition of Target Audiences

This is the basis for any business, and this lecture is about being precise and determining the marketing platforms to use before making a monetary investment. Guidance and direction is then provided – how to divide up the target audiences that business wants to reach, and what are the parameters that determine this division. The next step is defining each one of these target audiences, as well as determining their needs independent of the proposed business. The lecture is filled with real-world examples to support the theoretical material, in order to allow for independent business progress and action.

Studying Target Audiences

The different platforms which can be utilized to capture the attention of target audiences require a thorough understanding. In this lecture we will study how to do a field study and examine the different options available such as social media, direct marketing, advertising, etc. We will examine the study options and match the product or service, as well as the business vision, to what we find in the field. We will learn to check how our competition markets to their target audiences and what additional products are offered by our colleagues.
This lecture serves as a good starting point for results-oriented targeted marketing.

Finding the Businesses’ Unique Sales Proposition

Every business owner wants to be in a position where they have something unique nobody else offers, but most businesses offer generic products and services. The process of finding your unique sales proposition could take time and you must be patient, finding your unique selling point is important and even crucial in order to attain your goal – bringing the client to you and not your competition.
What options are available to us to find the unique sales proposition? What is the way to define the business in such a way that the clients feel they reached a business that’s different, and will provide the added value the competition will not?

Business Appearance – From Letterhead to Tie

The appearance of the product, when in most cases it is the business owner himself or herself, is very important. Most clients buy based on appearance, and only afterwards the content and professionalism are examined. Also, due to the fact customers tend to identify with the service provider visually, the right appearance and the message we convey to the outside world is one of our top priorities.
Just as important is the written appearance, how to hand business documents and proposals to our clients – guidance and recommendations will be provided on creating a document that markets your business well out of every document that is handed to a potential client or colleague for collaboration.

Marketing Strategies

Each business has its own unique approach and qualities that stand out which allow to both draw and retain clients for the long term. After examining the strengths of the business we will learn how to plan the marketing strategies in various platforms given the allocated budget. We will examine the marketing options that are available and how to leverage the business strengths to create more effective marketing efforts. The marketing mix may include networking, social media, word of mouth, conferences, and more.
We will examine the toolset that must be prepared in order to accomplish more effective marketing for the different platforms and provide recommended time allocation to each utilized option.

Marketing – Experience – Commitment

The marketing in a business is built on different levels and consists of actions that move the business forward and promote it both on the online and personal levels. The sales and marketing people of the highest importance to a company are the employees themselves. If we examine a business on its level of expertise, it will be judged by the experience and perceived service by the clients.
The importance of the customer experience and customer service is very big, because when our clients feels close to us we create an ongoing loyalty and commitment that is the base for an even stronger future relationship, for both the near and far future.
Many times interactions that are formed by chance or by deliberate business events create business connections and potential business collaborations. It is therefore very important to maximize every opportunity.

During the lecture tools will be provided and examples given for the creation of commitment by a unique service and a unique customer experience. These will be explored together with the audience.

Additional Lectures

Managing time – The Active and the Effective

Managing time is of very high importance for the effective progress of a business, the multitude of tasks and roles we fill each day as business owners demand an understanding of how to organize our different tasks. Also, there is a very high importance to examine the cost and benefit of every product in the business, so that the business resources are allocated fully to get the best results, and very specific planning is done on bridging any missing resources in the business.

Networking – Building Business Networks

Marketing by word of mouth is the marketing that brings the most substantial business deals towards closure, and part of this type of marketing is consistent networking. In this lecture a detailed results-oriented methodology to expand the business network by various approaches, in order to get more clients and business collaborations, will be explained.
Presenting what “Networking” is and the importance of networking for a business.

Recommendations for presenting your business
Networking as a tool of self-promotion
How to prepare for networking and what follow up actions must be taken after a networking event.


Each topic can be presented in an interactive workshop with the participants.
The workshops will be tailored towards the number of participants and the business branch of the participants.

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