One Person’s Need is Business for Another

Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses.  I, for example, have no problem standing in front of a large or small group of people and speaking about topics I care about; but, anything connected to accounting intimidates me and I try to have as little contact with it as possible.

If someone would come to me and say “I’ll take care of your accounting, and you’ll get up on stage for me?” Me? With pleasure!

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand that some people are willing to pay for an activity that is simple and natural to us, but at the same time, we’re willing to pay a considerable amount of money for something else – just so we don’t have to do it.

Identify the need begins first in your nearby surroundings – with family, relatives or work colleagues, when we repeatedly hear the words: “How did you do that?! I couldn’t do it.” The thing to understand and internalize here is that our natural talent, mixed with our personality, can solve another person’s need.  Someone is willing to pay for you to do this activity on his behalf just so he is exempt from completing the task himself.

The assessment following our realization that we potentially have something unique begins by leaving the close circle of friends & family to see what is going on beyond what we’re familiar with.  Open up the newspaper, ask professionals questions, research it on the internet and see if someone else provides a solution for the need we’ve found because there are people who have difficulty, don’t want or don’t know how to do it and there’s a demand for a professional solution.  Even if there are others working within the area we’ve got talent, there’s no need to backtrack, just to check in what ways we are special and unique.  Research what type of solution we can offer that doesn’t exist yet. (There’s no way of knowing if we’ll have duplicates tomorrow, so the key word is now).

Uniqueness can be expressed in different ways: geographical location, knowledge of a forgotten language, combination of a few talents (walking on one hand with a spinning plate and yodeling is very unique, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a big demand) and so on.  We want to reach the answer using focused assessment.  What combines our emotion and excitement while working on this issue but will also be unique for a person willing to pay for our offered services.

And so, in conclusion – If you think that you have a brilliant idea, new way, special invention – don’t ignore that feeling.  Assess, research and ask, and who knows – maybe you have the next Facebook on your hands!

Good luck!


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